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Home Inspections Tampa Fl  has the best deals on a home inspections.  

We got the Closer look  to find any hidden issues with your dream house so your buying a money pit.

Tampa Bay’s Finest Home Inspection Team

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Closer Look Home Inspection Report includes all major systems of the home or business structure, plus exterior structures associated with the building.

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The typical systems and components we inspect include:


  • Grounds – Sidewalks, Driveway, Retaining Walls, Patio, Patio Cover, Decks/Porch, Fences and Gates
  • Exterior – Stairs, Walls, Trim, Chimney, sprinklers, Hose Faucets, Gutters and Downspouts
  • Foundation – Grading, Slab-on-Grade, Crawlspace, Basement, Raised Floor Construction, Joists, Trusses, Columns, Brick, Stone, Piers, Basement/Stairs
  • Roof – Main Roof, Garage Roof, Shingles, Roof Penetrations, Eaves, Skylights, weathering Condition, Flashings
  • Plumbing – Main Line, Supply Line, Waste Line, Fuel System, Water heaters, Other Exposed Pipes
  • Heating & Air Conditioning – Description, Condition, Venting, Combustion Air, Burners, Distribution, Ducts and Registers, Controls, Filters
  • Electrical – Service, Main Panel, Conductors, Sub-panels, Wiring Notes, Branch Circuits
  • Interior – Doors, Windows, Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Fireplaces, Laundry, Attic, Interior Features
  • Garage – Garage/Carport, Floor, Firewall, Ceiling, Ventilation, Door to Interior, Vehicle Doors, Automatic Opener, Electrical
  • Kitchen – Sink, Kitchen General, Disposal, Range/Cook top, Dishwasher, Special Features, Other Appliances
  • Bathrooms – Toilet, Sinks, Shower, Bathtub, Electrical, Venting, Heat, Drains, Hardware
  • Pool/Spa Equipment – Heater, Water Filter, Pumps, Tanks, Blowers, Electrical, General.


Closer Look home inspectors are highly skilled professionals who meet Nachi rigorous standards of practice, competency and integrity.  We will not solicit or accept offers to repair any defect we find; however, we will gladly assist the prospective buyer in locating a competent licensed contractor for defect repair.


Avoid the Money Pit

Sagging DuctworkInspector observed sagging duct work in an Tampa area home and was able to determine it was drooping due to two small dogs using the laundry room floor register as a urinal (for months). WiringSquirrels are fun in the park-not in the house. Squirrels are attracted to wiring insulation and their damage can easily stage the house for a fire.
TrussIf roof trusses are cut after they are manufactured their structural integrity will be compromised. If the trusses are cut after installation in the attic then they are no longer capable of supporting the section of the roof that they were designed to support FoundationThis foundation has failed. The owner has tried to ‘fix it’ with support but it won’t work.

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